Hi, I’m Marie King, the owner of Athena Fitness and Health, and I’m a personal trainer and registered nurse. I offer many options to assist you with your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals.  My services include face-to-face sessions (for individuals, pairs, and groups), on the Sunshine Coast, and various online/distance coaching programs.

If you are looking to improve your fitness and body, as well as your well-being and quality of life, I can help.

My service is professional, convenient, affordable, and friendly. Whatever your age and fitness level, I can assist you in achieving your goals, so you can live a fitter, healthier, and happier life.

I’m originally from England and came to Australia in 1997, and soon it became home. From a young age I always loved fitness, but despite this, I often battled with my weight and eating habits. This came to a head several years ago and I gained MANY kilos. I was very unhappy and realised I was no longer ‘Me’ (and maybe never really had been!), so I decided to take action! I started exercising gradually and made changes to my diet. Soon the weight came off and I felt stronger, healthier, and happier. It was then that I finally decided to follow my teenage dream of becoming a personal trainer, as I wanted to help others to also lead a better life. So I gained my fitness qualifications, and started my own fitness and health business.


Live Fitter. Healthier. Happier

Personal Training

My Personal Training will ensure you achieve your fitness and health goals safely, effectively and efficiently. I also want you to gain the tools needed to maintain your goals – for life! So whether you are seeking slight improvements to your physique and nutrition, or a complete body and lifestyle transformation, my personal training will assist you on your journey and ensure you get where you want to be.


Our bodies need healthy nutrition for us to function at our best and to look good. Usually just a few simple adjustments to our food can bring incredible results! As your personal nutrition coach I will ensure you gain the information needed to make putting healthy and affordable meals together easy, to create good eating habits, and to feed yourself well – so you will maintain excellent life-long health.

Group Fitness

My group fitness and boxing classes are specifically designed for fat-loss, toning, lean-muscle gain, building strength, increasing endurance, reducing stress, boosting energy, and improving exercise motivation and well-being. My classes are friendly and effective, and safe exercise technique is always ensured. You are GUARANTEED to get results…and have FUN!

A few words from my clients: 

Focused and flexible training is what Marie offers. She has shown me to eat more healthy and understand what my body and mind are actually capable of. Thank you for everything Marie, you’ve been the inspiration I’ve needed!


I love how Marie ensures that each session is different and makes them enjoyable. I started with Marie 4 months after giving birth, I had no strength, baby weight, and hated looking at myself in the mirror, now I feel much stronger, healthier and happy. She has provided me with the tools to eat better and lead a better lifestyle.