Hi, I’m Marie King, the owner of Athena Fitness and Health, and I’m a personal trainer and registered nurse. I offer many training options, including face-to-face sessions (for individuals, pairs, and groups), on the Sunshine Coast, and various online coaching programs.

If you are looking to improve your fitness and body, as well as your well-being and quality of life, I can help.

My service is professional, convenient, affordable, and friendly. Whatever your age and fitness level, I can assist you in achieving your goals, so you can live a fitter, healthier, and happier life.

I’m originally from England and came to Australia in 1997, and soon it became home. From a young age I always loved fitness, but despite this, I often battled with my weight and eating habits. This came to a head several years ago and I gained MANY kilos. I was very unhappy and realised I was no longer ‘Me’ (and maybe never really had been!), so I decided to take action! I started exercising gradually and made changes to my diet. Soon the weight came off and I felt stronger, healthier, and happier. It was then that I finally decided to follow my teenage dream of becoming a personal trainer as I wanted to help others to also lead a better life. So I gained my fitness qualifications, and started my own fitness and health business.

I chose the goddess Athena, for my business name and image, because she represents qualities I see as important. These include strength, wisdom, compassion, inspiration, courage, and empowerment – things we all need on our life journey.

As someone who has faced extreme personal challenges myself, and who has been overweight and had to deal with long-term health problems, you name it I’ve probably been there! So I understand the barriers we can face when trying to achieve our goals.

I follow a holistic approach with my clients. Firstly I establish a thorough understanding of your objectives, your present and past fitness and health, and any barriers you have been experiencing. Then I tailor your program specifically to your needs, and work alongside you while you achieve your goals. I provide effective training methods, while assisting you to make food and lifestyle modifications gradually so you will not feel overwhelmed. Most importantly though, you will be able to manage these changes forever.

I will not scream at you to “drop and give me 100!”, or stand on your back while you do a push up (unless you want me to?!).  I will give you encouragement though, plus motivation and support, and I will make exercising enjoyable and interesting. I realise taking the first step can be difficult, and also that none of us are perfect…or at least not 100% of the time anyway!

My areas of specialisation include toning and fat-loss, boxing, increasing strength, lean muscle gain, plant-based nutrition (and also gluten-free diets), core conditioning, recovery from health conditions, improving flexibility, and women’s health and fitness (in particular, hormonal imbalance).

With my guidance you are guaranteed to get results with fun and varied exercise sessions, together with nutrition and lifestyle guidance that is manageable. With me as your personal trainer you will feel motivated and supported, and will gain the knowledge you need to be able to achieve and maintain your goals – for life!

I am based at Bokarina on the Sunshine Coast, and also provide a local mobile personal trainer and nutrition coaching service (for individuals or groups), as well as online/distance programs and packages.

So if you would like to start living your life fitter, healthier, and happier, please Contact Us.


  • Personal Trainer (Cert IV Fitness)
  • Fitness Instructor (Cert III Fitness)
  • Registered General Nurse
  • Boxing & Cardio Kick Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Senior First Aid & CPR
  • Older Adult Programming
  • Weight Management
  • Small Business Management (Cert IV)

Also fully insured.