Online Coaching

I offer a personalised one-to-one online coaching service via phone/skype.  A variety of packages are available, all of which will provide you with a completely customised program tailored to your individual needs.  My online coaching will ensure you safely and effectively reach your goals, while being supported and motivated on your journey. 

My online packages are suitable if you are:

  • Seeking one-to-one support and guidance from your personal coach.
  • Wanting a personalised program which gets results.
  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting info out there.
  • Eager to gain the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.
  • Seeking effective, safe, and comprehensive guidance.
  • Looking for easty-to-apply tips which fit your busy life.
  • Needing inspiration, accountability, and motivation to keep you on-track.
  • Keen to create excellent lifestyle habits which you can maintain – for life!
  • Wishing to follow a healthy, holistic, and wonderful way of life.
  • Excited about looking and feeling AMAZING!

If any or all of these sound like you, then check out my packages and programs here:

Plantiful Health Package

This 5 week one-to-one nutrition program is what you need if you are seeking personalised assistance with your food.  You will love this program if you want to learn more about following a healthy-plant-based diet.  Here you will discover the secret formulas and tricks to ensure you are obtaining excellent nutrition, while you also establish fantastic food habits. Whether you are new to plant-based eating, or are already eating only plants but feel your nutrition needs improvement, this program is guaranteed to help you.

Nourished & Fit Package

This 10 week one-to-one fitness, nutrition, and health program is suitable if you have fitness and/or physique goals, and are seeking personalised guidance and support with your exercise, as well as your food and health.  A personalised online exercise program is included, to target your specific requirements.  This program will suit you whether you are already exercising but not following a specific exercise routine, or your current program is no longer working (or is boring!), or you are completely new to exercise and unsure where to start. So whatever your fitness level, health, or nutrition knowledge, this package will help you to live your optimal life. 

Online Fitness Training Program

A personalised exercise program (outlined above in my Nourished & Fit Package), is available as a stand-alone service if this is more suitable for you. Please contact me for details.

ow To Live Vegan Package

This 6 week one-to-one program for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is ideal if you have ever felt overwhelmed about going vegan, or confused by all the conflicting information out there about living as a vegan.  With a manageable step-by-step and easy to follow process to work through with me, and being provided with lots of resources and materials to help you each week, you will confidently and smoothly transition to living a healthy, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly way of life.

As well as these one-to-one coaching packages and programs, I also offer an online information kit:

Eat Plants & Be Healthy Kit

This online kit of materials including eGuides provides in-depth information and guidance on healthy plant-based eating.  Included is my extensive menu and recipe collection of delicious and nutritious main meals and snacks, plus a groceries guide, healthy shopping tips, as well as advice on meal planning and food prep.  Also supplied is my informative Nutrition eGuide, which covers how to easily identify food groups and types, and how to put meals together and plan your eating – to ensure you obtain excellent nutrition. My online kit is included FREE with all my one-to-one coaching programs listed above, and my in-person fitness training and coaching on the Sunshine Coast, or is available as a stand-alone product.

Why My Coaching Works:

My food and lifestyle guidance is easy to put into practice and not overwhelming, so you can easily create excellent habits which you will be able to maintain life-long.

I make swapping animal foods for plant options simple, and it easy to know how foods should be combined for good health. With my tips, putting tasty and healthful meals and snacks together becomes second-nature; so you will always supply your body with the nourishment it needs to function at its best.

My fitness programs are completely personalised to your individual needs, and your exercise experience, current fitness level, ability, and health.  My workouts are enjoyable and motivating. Beginners to advanced exercisers are catered for, with options to train anywhere – at home/outdoors, or the gym.

What To Expect:

After registering for your program, I will contact you to arrange your first phone/Skype consultation.  Here we will establish your goals, and I will ask some questions so I can create your personalised program.  Next you will receive many online materials to help you, including your eGuides.  Then we’ll get started!

Food items to expect to see in your nutrition guide will include whole-foods such as grains, vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts and seeds, natural flavourings, plus a few other handy staples.

If you have chosen a package with an exercise program, I will write this for you after consultation, when I have gathered all the information I need from you.  Your program will be accessible via an online app – which will include videos and tips on how to perform your exercises, as well scheduling your workouts correctly to guarantee results, and also how to progress each week. With fitness coaching, body measurement and macronutrient tracking are also included, and I supply information and guidance as to their use, as well as assessment and monitoring.

In your following consultations I will provide recommendations and guide you as you work towards your goals. Here we can discuss any questions you may have, and I will help you to overcome any barriers you may be experiencing, while providing you with support, information, accountability, tips, motivation, and encouragement.

How To Get Started:

  1. Select your program and phone/email me to organise your registration and payment.
  2. Complete and return your emailed registration and questionnaire form.
  3. Book and complete our first phone/Skype consultation.
  4. Receive your first program materials via email.
  5. Begin your journey to a new you!

So, if you are keen to feel better, look better, and live a better life, simply select your program and start your new life today!

If you would like to discuss any of my programs and services, please feel free to contact me to arrange your FREE phone consultation.

Bye for now,