Weight training is essential if you want to build lean muscle and look more toned. For a great tush and sexy legs, you need to work all areas of the lower body, focusing on exercises for the glutes and quads. This means lots of squatting and lunge movements!
A fantastic way to ramp up fat burning, while still building lean muscle, is to perform weights in a circuit format with minimal rest between exercises, so it also becomes a cardio workout.
Usually lifting heavier when weight training is always best (whether seeking hypertrophy or toning), but when performing a cardio weights workout it is necessary to go lighter on the weight and aim for more reps instead.
Below I have outlined one of my favourite legs and butt weights circuits. The butt really does lift almost instantly after this! The goal with this circuit is to move fast to keep the heart rate up, so aim for 15 seconds changeover maximum between exercises. Do not compromise form for speed though – always focus on good technique, with correct breathing, abs engaged, and by performing full range of motion (the same as when performing any exercise!).
So, if you’re already an experienced weight lifter following a split routine (this one is not for beginners!), on your next leg day, try my leg and butt circuit:
– Seated leg press machine – 15 reps.
– DB Bulgarian lunge (rear foot elevated) – 6 ea side.
– BB Hip thrusters – 15 reps.
– DB step ups (alternating) – 10 ea side.
– Medicine ball squats with side leg raises – 6 ea side.
After performing the circuit, rest for 2 minutes, then repeat for a total of 4 circuits.
For an extra blast at the end, I like to finish super-setting the laying hamstring curl machine and seated leg extension machine (12-15 reps x 4 sets).
This is an intense workout, and it is imperative you can maintain good technique throughout, so please make sure you listen to your body and only perform workouts such as these if you are feeling rested, energised, and well. Please do not attempt this if you are having an ‘off’ day or are feeling tired.
When you do give this one a bash, throw all you’ve got at it, have fun, and let me know how you go!
If you have any questions and would like more fitness and health guidance, please feel free to email me at: info@athenafitness.com.au