What Are The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet?

As well as better health and fitness, there are many other reasons for consuming a plant-based diet.  These include living a more compassionate life by not contributing to animal suffering, as well as caring for our environment. Every day more and more people are choosing plants over animals, and they are reaping the benefits!

The truth is getting out that meat, dairy, fish, eggs, and other animal products are not healthy, that all animal food ‘production’ involves terrible animal cruelty, and that animal agriculture is the biggest cause of destruction to our planet.

People are discovering that the animal product industries are just using clever marketing to sell products which are actually bad for us.  Animal products are known to cause diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune conditions, and many more.

The World Health Organisation has in fact classified eating meat as being carcinogenic to humans (cancer-causing), and in the same danger category as smoking! So this begs the question, if we don’t give cigarettes to children, why feed them meat?

Stress is also an increasing problem in our world, and I believe a lot of this is to do with the foods we are consuming.  When animals are slaughtered, they die in a state of fear and terror, fighting to live until their last breath.  As a result they have high levels of stress hormones racing through their bodies when they die. Humans then ultimately ingest these stress hormones.

The same with eating dairy products – a cow which has repeatedly had her babies taken away from her (so humans can drink the milk meant for her baby), suffers great distress, which again affects her hormones in the product which humans are consuming.

Research has been carried out all over the world, and results have shown too that the countries which consume the highest amount of dairy, actually have the highest rates of osteoporosis. So the advertising by the dairy industry that ‘Milk Does A Body Good’, is completely false. Yes, dairy is a high calcium product, but it is acidic (as ALL animal products are).  The way the human body neutralises this acidity, is by robbing calcium from the bones.

Consuming these acidic foods also causes inflammation in the body, which is in fact the predisposing factor for most diseases.  Luckily this can very easily be prevented though (and many diseases often reversed) – simply by following a plant-based whole foods diet.

So the facts are undeniable, by eating a diet consisting of only plants we will gain improved health and longevity, as well as help to reduce animal suffering and our carbon footprint.

Ultimately though, the only answer to really making a difference to our physical and mental health and our happiness, our environment, and the other beings with who we share our world, is to go vegan.

What Does Being Vegan Mean?

Living a vegan lifestyle means not supporting ANY animal exploitation and cruelty – by refusing to use animals in any way.

For example, by also not buying other animal products (e.g. leather, wool, fur, down, feathers, silk), by not using cosmetics and other products which are tested on animals or which contain animal derived ingredients, and by not supporting the use of animals for sport or entertainment (e.g. circuses, zoos, hunting, fishing, animal racing).

Being vegan means choosing a life of compassion over cruelty. Being vegan is simply about living with empathy.

Veganism is not about being perfect, it is about doing our best to not harm other beings, and doing whatever we can to help the vulnerable who cannot speak for themselves.

Unfortunately though, the most addictive products we can eat are probably animal foods, which is why companies put them in everything – so we will keep buying more! This addictive effect is why many people find the thought of not eating animal foods unimaginable.  Going plant-based or vegan is ALWAYS so much easier than we expect though, and the benefits very quickly speak for themselves.  As a result, this provides us with the motivation we need to continue with our better choices.

Of all the thousands of vegans I have come into contact with since becoming vegan myself in 2012, the only regret I hear from them all, and I feel too, is that we didn’t make the switch sooner.

To go vegan or to follow a plant-based diet, it is essential to know why we are doing so, and to therefore be motivated.  This motivation comes through gaining knowledge.

So to learn more about how animal foods and plant-based eating effects health, how animal foods are produced, and how consuming animals is causing damage to our environment, the following films are helpful (viewed either free online, or via Netflix):

– Forks Over Knives.

– What The Health.

– Cowspiracy.

– Earthlings.

By living a plant-iful life, you can expect to gain improved physical health, more energy, a better physique, faster exercise recovery, increased strength, enhanced well-being, as well as saving money, living longer, feeling more content, and having a stronger sense of purpose and life meaning, and more connectedness.

Trust me, you will never look back!